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My Little Ballerina: Her Last Class


Yesterday was BB’s last ballet class for this season. I’m not sure yet if we’ll do more classes.


She loved going to the classes, for the most part, and learned enough to show off for a few minutes at home. I think those ballet shoes may be her favorite thing about the class – that and getting to run around and be silly for half an hour with a bunch of other girls who love a good tutu as much as she does!

But the summer schedule won’t really work with our schedules and then in the fall she’ll be starting 4k. Even if we do look into more classes, it may not be at this location since we are no longer YMCA members, the pricing isn’t as compelling now which means we can look around and may choose someplace else if the timing is better – or try another activity all together.


Most of my memories from her classes involved the fellow moms and grandparents that sat outside the classroom with me. I liked some and really didn’t like others at all – this is normal. We commiserated for half an hour once a week for about 6 weeks – enough time to be friendly but not enough time to really be friends.

We didn’t really get to see and hear much of what the kids were doing until yesterday’s class where the parents were invited into the classroom for the last day. I loved getting to finally connect the dots between the little bits that BB told me about class and to finally see the teacher in action. She is fantastic with the kids and does a great job of making the little lessons fun and age appropriate. BB gets it… kind of – but like any nearly four year old girl, she takes the lessons or leaves them depending on her mood.

Some days she is all about ballet and princesses. Some days she wants to be Wonder Woman or Doctor Who. She clearly thinks that ballet is fun and that her teacher is awesome – but I also think she is still young and has lots of other interests worth pursuing, rather than being All Ballerina All the Time.

So we loved ballet, but we remain open to loving other things, too.

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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    LOVE these pictures – Ballerina or Princess, she is adorable. And I can totally relate to the experience that you describe of waiting with other parents while the class is in session!


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