the summer rant.


Summer so far has been more draining than fun as I continue to try and find my rhythm with both kids at home and instead find…

An exhausted, small girl who refuses to nap and instead spends the typical nap time hours absolutely losing it for several hours and making everyone around her more tired in the process…

A son who clearly misses the hustle and bustle of school days and is bored at home with us…

A car that has been giving me the weirdest forms of grief – hey, why can’t I turn off any of the interior lights at all? and oh look, the trunk was left open last night in a rain storm and is soaked… yay

Rain storms like every damn day that prevent us from going to anything outdoors for fear of being soaked through…

A random spree of super fun injuries inflicted on myself by stupid things like biscuit cans and cardboard boxes… A total lack of going to the gym or doing anything for me….

A crazy dog who likes to poop in places he shouldn’t and is generally acting like a dog….

And a mom who is slowly starting to lose her cool (read: her cool has completely left the building) and has ceased to be fun in any way….

So the few sacred hours that are left in between all of this ridiculousness seems to be spent at the bank, picking up milk, cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, taking the dog to the vet to get his flea, tick & heartworm meds, changing diapers, trying to encourage potty training with minimal success, and… damn, it’s time to make dinner again.

Where are my leisurely mornings at the beach and zoo and playground and splash pad and other things that are awesome that I can’t think of right now?

Where are my long summer nights of BBQs and fireflies and sprinklers and summer movies?

Where is MY summer vacation because so far all I’m seeing is MORE work, MORE errands and MORE temper tantrums (both from the kids and me)…

I swear I liked summer once but so far this one has been pretty pathetic.

Disclaimer: I know I’m over reacting and that we are probably doing tons of fun things that I’m not acknowledging right now because that kind of gets in the way of venting and feeling sorry for myself. I know that these days are long and these seasons are short and that obviously I’ve been home with both kids before and should be handling it better than this and that most of the time I probably totally am handling it better than this. It has been a long day and it’s only noon. Did I mention the lack of naps? And the poop? And the soaked trunk and the injuries? I will be fine. The summer will be awesome, at some point, I’m sure. In the meantime… Blergh.

2 responses to “the summer rant.”

  1. Camilleta Avatar

    I feel you! I’m having a pretty hard time having my older one home from school 7 days a week. Hopefully it gets easier soon!!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      You’d think we’d remember the days when they were home with us every day, but nope – it’s a shock to the system every time!