What I’m Into Lately: July 8, 2013


This weekend was HOT! We tried to keep cool by playing in the sprinkler and going out for ice cream – priorities, you know!

What I’m reading:

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain for my book club this month. For those unfamiliar with the title, it’s all about Ernest Hemingway’s wife, Hadley. It is extremely well written and I’m finding Hadley and Ernest to be fascinating. I’m only about 1/3 through so far but really loving it.

Movies worth watching:

We’ve been watching a lot of Die Hard movies! Dan and I had never seen any of them but we both love Bruce Willis and decided to give them a try. We’ve now seen the first three and plan to see the following two in the coming weekends.

We have been watching Peter Pan with the kids – they have already seen the Disney versions but I wanted them to see the classic Mary Martin production which is hard to track down unless you have a VHS player handy (we don’t). First I found a similar version with Cathy Rigby which we enjoyed but it just isn’t the same despite having nearly identical songs and script. I found a video of the Mary Martin version on youtube which we were able to connect to on our playstation using a YouTube app (technology is amazing) which we watched last night – the video quality isn’t great but the movie itself is just as amazing as I remembered – we all loved hearing those classically fantastic songs. Mary Martin is still hands down my favorite Peter Pan and I also loved Sondra Lee as Tiger Lily! I really hope they put out a new DVD of it someday because I’d love to own a copy.

This week:

BB has Fairy Tale Summer Camp at a local elementary school. She LOVED her first day and proudly showed me some cute artwork when we picked her up this afternoon. MM and I had coffee at our favorite coffee shop and then picked up some things for BB’s birthday this month – then home to run the dog and watch a little TV before picking up BB. A nice lazy Monday – hoping to do some more fun stuff with my favorite boy this week. Two weeks from now MM will have summer camp and BB and I will get some one on one mother-daughter time.

summer camper

Items of Note:

My little girl is turning 4 this month! When did that happen?

What I’m Looking Forward to:

BB’s birthday, the company picnic this month and upcoming family vacations and camping trips!

what are you into these days? Let me know in the comments below!