Her Last Day of Summer Camp.

last day of summer camp

Today was BB’s last day of summer camp. She had such a great time at Fairy Tale Camp this week – reading lots of stories and doing crafts. I think this was a great kind of trail run for 4k this fall – the day was about the same length of time and they did I’m guessing the same kinds of activities. She did a great job and was all smiles this week so I think that bodes well.

After going grocery shopping this morning, MM and I played a couple quick games of  The Game of LIFE together. It’s that new-fangled electronic version so he was able to pick up the rules quickly without needing to do much math so despite being for ages 9+ according to the box, he was totally able to handle the game and is eager to play a longer game with me when we have more time.

I wish we’d thought to try playing some board games together sooner because it was fun playing something more complicated than Candy Land – and although MM is totally ready for more complex games, BB isn’t yet – so it was a nice one on one thing for he and I to do together. Things to remember for the future!

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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Fairy tale camp sounds super-cool! What a great idea; I am sure that she was really able to tap into her imagination & creativity. I love the photo collage.