On Our 7th Anniversary.

wedding picture

Seven years ago I married the love of my life. We were young and crazy and irresponsible and had no idea what we were doing.

I have fallen more in love with this man every day, every month, every year of our marriage. We somehow still manage to learn new things about each other and to get closer through the craziness of life. Through childbirth, thick and thinner waist lines, unemployment, moving halfway across the country, more childbirth, house buying, plumbing catastrophes, water dispensers that won’t turn off, adventures in break repairs, stomach bugs and long trips at Target. We come out stronger and better than before every time.

You are my rock, my sanity, my favorite person to spend time with, to laugh with or cry with, to stay up too late reading next to, to watch just one more episode of 30 Rock with, to dream with and to, well, you get the idea. You’re kind of a big deal to me.

2012 family portrait

Love you sweetie! Happy anniversary!