The girl I am today.

Yesterday I talked about the girl I used to be:

Twenty Something Jen spent her college vacations working at an Independent bookstore in Massachusetts, flirting with her future husband. She loved layers, John Mayer, Gilmore Girls reruns and the Harry Potter series. She shopped clearance racks for most of her wardrobe and was addicted to coolattas at Dunkin Donuts.  She loved Doctor Pepper and hated peas with a passion. She had freedom and flexibility and hated waking up early and loved staying up late to read. She saw movies in the theater as often as possible and loved to get together with her besties on her days off to play card games and drink cheap wine.

me and the kids 2013

The girl I am today is similar and different from Twenty Something Jen. I still hate peas and getting up early, but now I’m obsessed with latte miels and san pellegrinos. I still love John Mayer and a good clearance rack but I see most of my movies on DVD now and though I love to stay up late reading, I can’t stay up as late as I used to. Thirty Something Jen comes with less flexibility and freedom. I have two kiddos whom I love dearly and a husband I cannot imagine living without. They are at the center of every plan and decision that I make. And although I love a good sale, Thirty Something Jen tries very hard to only buy clothes that I absolutely love – so I shop less from clearance racks and more from a place of strategic wardrobe planning.

Thirty Something Jen loves discovering new-to-me shows and obsessively watching them marathon style. Doctor Who and 30 Rock and Drop Dead Diva are new obsessions that Twenty Something Jen didn’t know about at all. Thirty Something Jen has broadened her world of books, and discovered a lot of genres I never knew I’d like. Historical Fiction and memoirs are a new favorite of mine, in addition to dystopian novels, light mysteries and anything that will make me laugh.

Twenty Something Jen had a lot of ideas about the world. She was a firm Cat Lover, snooty about cars (wanted to drive a Jeep Liberty or a Mazda Miata) and imagined going into a career in journalism. Thirty Something Jen owns a giant crazy dog, drives a Buick Grandma Car and dreams of owning a Subaru and although I love journalism, I don’t really see it as a dream job anymore. Thirty Something Jen likes eggplant and rhubarb and other plants with funny names.

Thirty Something Jen is living a life I’d never thought to dream of in my early twenties. I have spent my mothering years learning to open myself up to new experiences and accept change more easily. I never considered myself un-open to change until I learned to embrace it. I probably thought I knew everything until I learned about all of the things I’d never known.

Thirty Something Jen knows I have a lot left to learn and I can’t wait to discover all of the lessons in store for me.