fall flowers: putting that homemade lightbox to good use!

fall flowers

Ever since making my first light box, I can’t resist mini photo shoots when my kids bring me flowers. My son brought home some gorgeous flowers on Monday from his school garden.

I think the idea was that we’d plant them at home, but I don’t have enough potting soil to plant them and amazingly I cannot find a single vase in my home, but I quickly took some of the very best flowers from the bunch and photographed them before putting them in a small cup of water to enjoy for a day or two.


I’m really still learning my way around the light box, not to mention the manual mode on my camera, so this was good practice. What I wouldn’t give for a nice macro lens or some sturdier spot lights. Or a room in the house dedicated to photography. The light box does a great job making it look like I’m not photographing these flowers on my kitchen table with dirty dishes right behind them. Shhh….


Overall, I was pretty pleased with the results and glad I was able to get some beautiful pictures to remember them by. Like all beautiful things, they are a fleeting beauty that you have to enjoy while you can. Blink and they’ll be gone.


Don’t blink.