Going for gold: Promotion Day!


This weekend was crazy busy with lots of projects and errands and laundry – and it all started with Promotion Day at the kids’ karate school. All the kids eligible for promotion all advance on the same day – it’s like a big class where all the kids show off everything they have learned in the last two months and you are encouraged to bring family and take lots of pictures.

You know I don’t need any encouragement to take lots of pictures!

The kids were very excited and MM in particular worked harder than he’s ever worked. I was so proud of both of them and all they’ve learned in just one short month! They showed off their various kicks and punches, blocks and group exercises, push ups, popcorn crunches and more. They showed what they’ve learned to do if being approached by a bully or a stranger – they have learned a lot of useful things that will translate to far more than just basic self defense moves.

Both kids advanced to a gold belt this month – BB’s is a white belt with a gold stripe and MM’s is a gold belt with a white stripe – each indicating their age groups. Both were incredibly proud of themselves and worked very hard to get them!