Proud Momma Moment.


Last month MM won the 2nd Grade Courage Award at school. Each grade picks a student who exemplifies the school’s motto and is in general just a great role model. Hearing that my child was being rewarded with that honor made me some kind of proud. Of course I’ve always thought he was an awesome, extraordinary child – but it’s always nice to have people agree with me.

Here is the little speech that they gave about him at the assembly. I was so happy when they sent home a typed copy of it this week – I so wished I’d taken a video recording of the assembly so that I could have those words forever – this is almost even better:

The second grade courage award winner is a very creative and happy child who loves to learn and can be counted on to do the right thing at the right time even when no one is looking. This is a model for Triple PRT, showing peace by always being kind to friends and taking the lead on solving problems when they arise. This winner is always doing their best work, showing a high level of thinking during discussions. This student knows the purpose for being in school, always completing their work with excellence and thoughtfulness. Respect is shown to everyone who encounters this winner and they treat classmates the way they want to be treated. Only kind words are said to others by this second grader, even when others aren’t being thoughtful, and they treat every adult with respect as well. This winner can be counted on to be truthful in every situation, even if it means they need to admit a mistake they have made. Our team is proud to announce this month’s 2nd grade Courage Award Winner:


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  1. Nish Avatar

    how sweet, what a nice thing to receive about your child 🙂