2014 Goals and Resolutions.


I know that sometimes making resolutions feels pointless and clichéd. We all say the same thing – we want to spend less money, eat better, work out more, lose the weight and be our best possible self. We make these big CLAIMS about how much we’re going to do better in 2014 and for about a month we are rockstars until being rockstars gets too inconvenient and then we just go back to being ourselves.

So I hate to say that I’m making resolutions for 2014 because it almost seems like I’m dooming myself to failure, so instead I’m going to say that I am making goals or maybe just that I have ideas on how to reach those ever present goals in the coming new year – and just to further cement my resolve, I’m not going to wait until Wednesday to start them.

Here are some actual tangible things that I hope to do more often in 2014:

Drink more water. It’s good for me and free and I know it will help curb my cravings and keep my hydrated.
Drink tea at night. My doctor recommended drinking non-caffienated tea at night instead of snacking. The hot tea is relaxing and gives your stomach the sensation of being full. My husband and I agreed to give this a shot and make it a nightly ritual.
Take dog for walks / go to gym 5 days a week. I have a built in exercise buddy that I haven’t been taking advantage of. This will be good for both of us. And on those lousy weather days when an outdoor walk isn’t feasible, I want to talk myself into going to the gym to walk there.
Read more classics and books I own. Both my kindle library and my home library are boasting tons of great books to read. I want to try and get through my collection a bit and I’d also like to try and read more classics this year – most of which are free on the kindle.
Take more pictures. I feel like 2013 was a little sparse for truly great pictures so my goal for 2014 is to take more pictures and to use my REAL camera more often, not just the camera phone as terrific as it is.

I think 5 goals is probably more than enough to focus on in the coming year and if I can do all five, I’ll be pretty stoked and probably healthier to boot. So even if it’s clichéd, these are my resolutions, goals, ideas for 2014.

What ideas and goals are you hoping to tackle in the new year?

One response to “2014 Goals and Resolutions.”

  1. amyjbennett Avatar

    I’m totally going to steal your drinking tea idea. I get into a bad habit of eating ice cream and then my whole diet crashes. Happy New Year!