Bruno Mars, epic nerdiness and mustache photo ops.


We watched the Super Bowl with the kids this weekend, mostly because MM told us he wanted to. We aren’t big Football fans in general – we have a couple of teams that we root for mostly out of hometown loyalties and a general agreement that they tend to play well / have really awesome fans. But if they lose? Not a big deal.

And in this particular Super Bowl game we had no team we felt the need to root for. After about three minutes into the game we found out that MM only wanted to watch because he was REALLY excited to hear them sing the national anthem for some reason. So, no worries. He’s still totally related to his parents. Not that we consider the national anthem super exciting, but it was certainly more exciting than the game.

After about thirty minutes, it became clear that despite his best efforts, even MM wasn’t interested in this foot ball game in which not much was happening and we all collectively agreed to skip the game and watch the commercials – when does this EVER happen? There were definitely some funny ones and eventually we made it to half time and the kids had a blast dancing along to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (see above). Then we tucked them into bed and finished watching The Commercial Bowl with a Side of Football and then some thirty minute comedy.

We also watched The Puppy Bowl which the whole family agreed was adorable. Dan may have just been humoring the rest of us but then again, he is a big fan of dogs so maybe not. The kids declared that all the puppies were adorable but that our puppy is the best – so good news Doc, the kids are still crazy about you even after a year of you eating any toys left lying on the ground or too close to the edge of a table.

When we weren’t watching puppies play football and the Broncos pretend to play football, we also watched Star Trek with the kids and you know we are a truly dorky family because all four of us loved it – yes, even the four year old. I think this summer might be a three month long Star Trek marathon.

Oh and, this happened:mustache

There are worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

2 responses to “Bruno Mars, epic nerdiness and mustache photo ops.”

  1. mjaj74 Avatar

    I love the mustache photos! I’m not so much into the football, but I can totally get behind a fun evening doing… whatever 🙂


  2. Nish Avatar

    Adorable. I love a good mustache photo shoot 🙂