Twitterature: Mini Book Reviews (March)

I’m linking up again with the lovely Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy and her monthly Twitterature roundup. The goal is super simple: share some quick reviews of the books you’ve read in the last month – twitterstyle. It doesn’t have to be 140 characters or less, but that’s a good guideline to shoot for. If you feel like #hashtagging, that’s fun, too!

Here are my short and sweet reviews for the past month:

113348The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Dinah’s story is finally told – along with many others – hardships are faced (understatement), new cultures are adapted to as Dinah continually picks up the pieces of her life and starts anew. This book is one that will stay with me for a long time.

#worstbrothersever #thefirstruleoftheredtentisnobodytalksabuttheredtent #periodsreallyaretheworst #everyoneistheworst

16068905Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I read this book in one day – it was a mad, crazy, obsessive daylong reading spree in which putting the book down felt painful and wrong. It felt like this book was written exactly for me. I, simply put, am fangirlingoverthis book hard. – Full Review –

#fanficiscool #coolisnotcool #teamlevi4eva #iwishihadntreaditsothaticouldreaditforthefirstimeagain #socialanxietywhatup #simonandbaz

16130417The Last Word by Lisa Lutz

Book six in a series. And you thought your family was a little crazy – the Spellmans continue to be my favorite fictional family, even when they are being totally insane. This book is kind of about hitting rock bottom and learning to pick up the pieces and be whole again.

#istillmisshenrystone #seriouslyitsnotokay #okayfinemaxisprettycooltoo #idontknowhowidfeelaboutraeasanarrator #thesehashtagsaretoolongtoreadarentthey

Poppins_covers.inddMary Poppins by PL Travers

This is a hard book to judge fairly when you’ve already seen the Disney movie 800 times. There were parts I loved and parts I didn’t love either because I’m biased or because the movie was better? Not sure. I swear there were two chapters in this book that I’ve totally seen before – and they definitely weren’t in the movie but I knew them vividly and have no idea why.

#candyforfingerswhat #babiestalktobirdsuntiltheydont #marypoppinsisobsessedwithmarypoppins #notenoughbert

So what have you been reading lately?

4 responses to “Twitterature: Mini Book Reviews (March)”

  1. mjaj74 Avatar

    I really need to read Fangirl. I really, really need to.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Yes, you really, really do!


  2. Marilyn Avatar

    You have utterly sold me on Fangirl and the Spellman series. Thanks! I’m off to track them down…


  3. Becca Avatar

    Goodness, The Red Tent has popped up all over the place all of a sudden! I’ve had it for years and never taken the time to read it…maybe that should change soon. Thanks for sharing!