weekend link love: april 4, 2014

weekend link love 4-4-14

Is anyone else terribly excited and thrilled to have arrived at Friday again? We’ve got a fun BIRTHDAY WEEKEND ahead of us with my little boy turning EIGHT on Monday (whaaatttt?) and all the usual weekendish stuff like ballet and karate classes to look forward to as well – and according to the weather reports, some gorgeous weather to boot. While we count down the seconds until Friday night officially begins (hubby gets home, work ends, kids go to BED, etc.) here are some of the better, funnier, most awesome things I’ve read online this week:

I’ll leave you with my two favorite performances from this week’s Idol – who are you rooting for?


Have a great weekend guys!

2 responses to “weekend link love: april 4, 2014”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I’m still amazed by the simplicity of just changing font can make such a difference in printing.
    Have a great birthday weekend, we’ll be partying too.


  2. Betsy Avatar

    Those are great!