Little spring moments.


The other day we walked outside to go to the store or something and the kids zoned in immediately on something SPECTACULAR.

A FLOWER. The first flower of the spring season, that they had noticed anyway – sitting there almost unnoticed in our front yard. Of course, most grown ups might see this and groan about the start of dandelion season and mutter about their uncanny ability to take over the whole yard. They might grab a shovel and dig that sucker out, roots and all, before it even thinks about spreading seeds. My neighbors had their yard sprayed a few weeks ago to avoid the whole debacle altogether.

And I get it – I’ve seen a yard just completely overcome by dandelions and yeah it’s not pretty. They are invasive little suckers so I will join in and help hubby pull out most of them – but the truth is, most of the time – I’m totally with my kids on this one.



They may be invasive and have totally no clue about when enough is enough (sound like any shorties in your life?), but if you stop and take a moment to enjoy it, they are tiny little moments of beauty built right into your yard. They don’t ask for much, they don’t ask for anything really. You don’t have to spend long hours tending to them, they will thrive under the harshest conditions. They are tiny little survivors that pop up to remind us: Spring is here. You survived another winter. You did it.

You’ve gotta respect that, you know?

One response to “Little spring moments.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    That is an amazing pic of the flower! Beautiful!