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Continuing to appreciate the little things.


“Look mommy, the sun flowers made a GARDEN in our yard!”

She told me the other day as we stepped outside to go to the store. I explained to her that they were dandelions and she told me quite plainly that I was wrong and they were obviously SUNFLOWERS.


And once again I am reminded to stop and look closer and to appreciate the beauty in the small moments that are so tempting to ignore. A lesson I seem to learn a lot.


Later I noticed these buds starting to explode to life on our neighbor’s tree, while I spotted my husband on the ladder painting over a hole in our wood siding that he’d patched the day before. Yes I could focus on all the other holes and bits of damage that need attention. Or…


I could try to focus instead on all the new life – all the things that are doing just awesome with no help from us. The things that thrive just because, in spite of wind, hail, overcast skies and lingering winter. Life pushes on.


One response to “Continuing to appreciate the little things.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    Amen to focusing on the small things. Kids are so good at reminding us to do that. =)