Trend setting: Fashion advice from my four year old.

Everything I know about fashion, I learned from my four year old. She is the most fashion forward girl I’ve ever met – absolutely fearless and always on trend. She MAKES trend and marches forward with confidence. Here are a few fashion tips from the cutest four year old in the midwest.


1. Create a balance between dressy and casual with a sun dress and cute sneakers.

Pro tip: Summer dresses can happen all year with cotton tights and a sweater.


2. Accessorize like there is no tomorrow. Take risks and embrace your attitude.


3. Don’t conform to society’s expectations: Princesses can be super heroes, too.


4. Don’t worry about matching. All you need is confidence and cute shoes.


5. Tell your mom to spend $5 to get this bun cover and you can be ballet chic with little to no effort!


6. Cute pig tails and a smile go a long way. Warning: Be prepared for old ladies in the super market to absolutely lose it. Sacrafices must be made for fashion, ladies.


7. A skirt and / or black leggings are all you need to make any outfit look intentional and chic. If you want striped leggings and a floral top, grab a solid colored skirt. Want a different patterned top / skirt combo? Black leggings, my friend. Black leggings are nearly always the answer, really.

That should get you started. What’s your favorite fashion tip?


5 thoughts on “Trend setting: Fashion advice from my four year old.

  1. Those are great! My daughter had on the most “trend setting” outfit today. But she insisted that the pink in the sweater matched the pink in the skirt, even though both had VERY different prints on them. I figured it wasn’t worth the battle to make her change.


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