Waxing philosophical about disposable place mats.


These two pictures? Perfectly explain the differences between my two kids. Really, they just say everything.

My son, eight years old, is a sweet, thoughtful, intelligent practical kid. He wants to know how things work and likes piecing together the different elements to a puzzle or problem. He is a rule follower and genuinely enjoys making people happy and strives to do the right thing. He colors inside the lines and if he doesn’t have an orange crayon, he’ll diligently attempt to mix red and yellow until he gets the right shade.

My daughter, four years old, is a born rebel. She makes up her own rules and tends to see herself as victorious, regardless of the outcome. She likes to mix things up and create her own stories and adventures and merely pleasing someone isn’t enough of a reason for her to want to do something (unfortunately for me). She ignores the lines entirely and strives to use every crayon in the box all at once.

It continues to delight me to watch them interact with the world in their own ways, neither of which is wrong or right. I so look forward to seeing where their temperaments and personalities will lead them in life.

One response to “Waxing philosophical about disposable place mats.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    Love it! I think it’s funny how much their personality can show just through a drawing or a coloring sheet.