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Our weekend: carnivals, ballet, picnics and more!

2014-06-06 20.04.34

We had a pretty gorgeous, memorable weekend. We kicked things off Friday night with a Cub Scout carnival / crossover event. The boys got their new neckerchiefs and played carnival style games, ate lots of junk food and enjoyed a campfire outside afterwards.


MM was moving a mile a minute, running around with friends, playing games and consuming sugar so I didn’t get many pictures of him other than that adorable shot at the top of the post of him and his sister wrestling towards the end of the night. Most of the night looked more like this picture ^.  20140606_194934

BB was pretty much glued to my side most of the night, so per usual most of my pictures were of her. Here’s another of my favorites. The weather was gorgeous.


Saturday morning was BB’s last ballet class for the Spring. We may take more classes again this fall but she has been telling me lately that now she wants to be a gymnastics girl, so we’ll see! She had a lot of fun and seemed to really enjoy ballet. We got to sit in and watch their class since it was the last one for the term and all the kids were so adorable and silly.

Other weekend fun not pictured:

  • A class picnic on Sunday with some of MM’s classmates and his teacher.
  • Movie nights: We watched Mirror, Mirror and The Spy Next Door with the kids and Catching Fire with friends Saturday night. All three were great movies.
  • An impromptu game night after the movie on Saturday.
  • Grilling hawaiian bratwurst and hot dogs while the weather mostly cooperated.

How was your weekend?

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