Do you buy school pictures?

MM, Third Grade

2014-10-02 08.14.44

We got the kids’ school pictures back last week. Every year dh and I have the talk.

“School pictures are almost always terrible and too expensive,” one of us will point out, “Why don’t we skip it this year?”

The other will kind of agree but point out the nostalgia factor – and how it’s almost enjoyable how terrible some pictures are. “Why not just get a very small package?” we’ll counter and the other will begrudgingly agree.

This year in particular we felt we should at least order this once since it’s a new school and a new photographer. Might as well give them a try! The verdict: The pictures are better than previous years but maybe our kids are just better at posing? Do you guys remember MM’s kindergarten picture in  which he strangely had no neck whatsoever?

MM, Kindergarten

class picture

We call this “The Brick Picture” – if you watch The Middle, you may understand.

So I mean, by comparison – yeah this year’s pictures are pretty great. But… Is it just me or does MM look weirdly old in that photo up there? Like older than he actually is. And being an overly particular mom who enjoys photographing her kids, I can’t help but notice the lack of joy. It’s just a generic photo.

Here’s BB’s photo so we can compare:

BB, Kindergarten

2014-10-02 08.15.06

Again, she looks older… Like way older than 5. And you can’t tell that she’s a goofy little Princess Obsessed ballerina girl who can talk to you every single minute of the day without taking a breath. You can’t tell that she likes to hang upside down on the monkey bars or play Super Heroes while singing songs from Frozen or that she brews imaginary tea with both white milk and chocolate milk and then more white milk and then more chocolate milk and would you like sugar?

You can’t tell that MM is an orange belt in karate and can’t take a picture without karate chopping the air and kicking as high as he can. You can’t tell that he’s imagining the world if you could see sound waves or wondering how long it would take to fly to Mars. You can’t imagine his silly laughs or picture him rolling around on the carpet with his dog and then chasing him around the house, laughing with glee.

Clearly I’m asking for too much, but I don’t know. Do you see the staleness too or have I just not gotten enough sleep? I will say, that the class pictures they took were adorable and framed immediately. The photographer did a great job capturing all the kids together and everything about those pictures was just perfect. Also, I got a real kick out of comparing the kids’ pictures and realizing how alike they look! It’s downright uncanny!

How about you? Do you buy the school picture packages each year or do you prefer taking pictures yourself or maybe going to a Portrait Studio?

One response to “Do you buy school pictures?”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    I buy one picture from each the fall and spring photos for each kid. That’s about all I can afford anyway. I figure at least it can go in the album for them to look at and laugh at later. That’s what I do with my school pictures!