2 Super Important Doctor Who Links.


Who wants to make me a TARDIS bird feeder? I’ll add this to my list of projects to nag my husband about because he doesn’t have enough important things to do already. Because you never know when a time traveling hummingbird might need to stop for a snack in our backyard.

Did you hear the BBC is releasing a ‘Doctor Who’ game to teach kids how to program? According to Entertainment Weekly, “the educational game is being released via the CBBC website as a means of teaching programming to younger children. The game’s puzzles will actually complement a computing curriculum that has been instituted across the U.K.. The Doctor and the Dalek tasks players with repairing the Dalek back to full strength through a series of coding-focused puzzles.” I’m going to need a mega geek to find a loophole so that us non U.K. residents can play, too.