Celebrating St Lucia Day.


We’re continuing the tradition of celebrating Saint Lucia Day or Saint Lucy’s Day with our kids. Dan’s parents did it with their kids growing up and our kids loved celebrating last year so we did it again this weekend.

The story is that Saint Lucy secretly brought food to persecuted Christians in Rome, who were forced underground into the catacombs. Lucy would wear a crown of candles so she could use both of her hands to carry items. Lucy also means “light,” and December 13th falls close to the winter solstice, so the name “Lucy” also has much significance.

We don’t do the full traditional celebration – no music is involved and we just picked up tasty looking pastries at the supermarket rather than tracking down or making the sweet, saffron-flavoured buns (lussekatter).


Like last year, I was so not about to put a crown of candles on the head of my 5 year old (although it looks like Amazon sells crowns with light bulb style candles for around $15-20). We used the same floral garland headband that she wore last year and a white shawl and she thought that was fabulous. We put out candles on the table to symbolize Lucy’s candles and served tea for mommy, apple cider for the kids and coffee for daddy. I also wasn’t quite ready to put her in charge of carrying all those breakable mugs, so I just had her serve the pastries.


We put MM, our Star Boy, in charge of bringing the platter of pastries and serving plates to the table so he wouldn’t feel left out and I made him a quick construction paper Star Boy hat. One of these years I am going to do a better job of making him a nicer hat to wear!



I have found the holiday seasons to be more meaningful when I take the time to teach my kids about different celebrations and stories from around the world and focus more on learning new traditions and stories of giving and love – and less on presents, though there will be plenty of time for presents, too!

Next on my list is to teach the kids a little bit more about Hanukkah this week. Any suggestions for good videos / websites / books to share with them?

Tell me about your family’s favorite Winter Traditions and celebrations!