Idol Thoughts: The Top 16


Here’s your cheat sheet to this week’s American Idol performances by the Top 8 guys and the Top 8 girls. There were a few disappointments for me this week as I knew there would be. We had to say goodbye to Trevor, Savion, Shi and Shannon.  😦 But a lot of my favorites are still in the competition.

My favorite performances by the guys this week were:

This performance had me literally fangirling. It was perfection. When Rayvon sings, I look like this:


True story.

I just adore him. I thought he did a great job. He always does a great job. Nick is already a front runner for me.

In some ways this performance bordered on frantic but he is so fun and charming and I’ve heard how well he can sing already. Super fun to watch.

Other guys I’m still loving that just had quieter moments this week, in my opinion, are Mark Andrews and Clark Beckham. Also I’m still deciding if I like Quentin Alexander or not. I think I do? Maybe. Yes. Definitely. Maybe. Your thoughts?

Last night the Top 8 girls performed. I really only have two clear front runners for the girls right now and a few other girls that I like a lot but not quite as much as:

She is just the funnest thing ever. I love her vibe, love her voice, love her hair. I love that she seems real and authentic and flawed but still brilliant.

Jax is probably my daughter’s favorite and I don’t blame her, she is neck and neck with Joey Cook for me as far as the girls are concerned. Both are really unique in their delivery with stellar voices. Team J & J here.

Also loving Tyanna Jones, Sarina-Joi Crowe and Adanna Duru. About equally at this point.

This week we also got to see the new elimination process this season. I don’t know if this is how they intend to do the whole show but I think it’s a nice change from making us sit through an entire episode solely devoted to finding out who gets eliminated.

My only real complaint with the process is that the contestants have to sing immediately after getting the news that they made it through (yay!) but it meant a lot of them were grinning like idiots throughout the whole performance even if the song didn’t really warrant it. It would have been nice to give them a little time to center themselves, but then I guess at the end of the day – it is a competition and they will probably get used to the format pretty quickly.

Are you watching this season? Who did you love? Who did you hate?