weekly geekly: the best of the interblag [3.22.15]


I just got back from a geektastic spring vacation with the family and I’m still getting back into some semblance of a normal routine. While I attempt to wake up and talk myself into doing laundry, here are some cool things I’ve seen or read online recently.

I kind of want to try this crazy coffee recipe at The Pioneer Woman but I’ll admit, I’m skeptical. Have you tried this before?

Here are 19 common expressions that came from Aesop’s fables. Basically every cliche thing you’ve ever said was written by Aesop. – via mental_floss

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Which John Green novel are you? According to this Buzzfeed Quiz I’m An Abundance of Katherines:

You’re intelligent. Like, almost child prodigy intelligent. That being said, you don’t like to rub it in anyone’s face and you’re really chill about what a genius you are.

What French People in 1900 thought life would be like in 2000. Sign me up for the Whale Bus ride. -via mental_floss

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I just started following Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls on Facebook. It’s kind of like I’m friends with Leslie Knope basically.

Speaking of: Are you more like Tina Fey or Amy Poehler? I like this Buzzfeed quiz because everyone wins. I got Amy:

“You are a force of true good in this world, with optimism that inspires everyone around you. You seem to have boundless energy and tackle every goal with a level of grace that makes everyone wish they were more like you.”

Lastly, who else can relate to this?

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Happy Sunday!