The Disney Song Tag Book Survey.

I couldn’t resist playing along with this Disney Song Tag that Romance Novels for the Beach shared recently. The premise is basically adorable – ten questions about books based off some of the most popular Disney songs. Most of these survey tags are basically the same so I was excited to see something with a different take on an old favorite. Wanna play along – I’m totally tagging you!

book one of the Lunar Chronicles1. A Whole New World: What is your favorite newest fantasy series? Obviously the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I don’t think it’s escaped anyone’s notice that I’m seriously obsessed with this series. If you are confused by this statement, go read Cinder immediately and then come tell me how much I just changed your life.

2. Part of Your World: What book world would you like to live in? Oh that’s a tough one – I’m going to have to go with the Thursday Next series – being able to explore the Book World is basically the dream.

dress_color3. Let it Go: What book/series do you wish everyone would stop talking about? I guess 50 Shades of Grey but not in the sense that I have anything against the book or its fans – I’m just tired of hearing about the controversy – between the book and the movie, it’s become a constant source of news, angst and gossip that’s almost as annoying as #TheDress.

4. When You Wish Upon a Star: What book or series do you wish you could have more of? I wouldn’t mind some new actual Harry Potter novels. I think it’s cool that Rowling is doing like short stories and stuff online but I’d love some actual books picking up where the last book left off or maybe feauturing new wizards or grown up Potters.

5. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: What is the longest book you have read? Probably Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. The mass market paperback on Amazon right now is 1472 pages which sounds about absurdly right.

160689056. Hakuna Matata: What book could you read over and over without a care in the world? Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – or anything by Rainbow Rowell really. If I could just get an IV drip with a constant stream of her words, that’d be great.

7. A Spoonful of Sugar: What couple has the sweetest relationship? So many to choose from – Landen and Thursday, America and Maxon, Cath and Levi

sherlock-john-drunk8. You Got a Friend in Me: Who are the best “best friends?” Sherlock and Watson obviously.

9. Zero to Hero: What character wasn’t expected to be a hero? I think there are a lot of unlikely heroes out there like Stephanie Plum or Isabelle Spellman or Scarlet O’Hara or Katniss Everdeen. But once you have seen them as a hero, it’s hard to remember not seeing it.

10. You’ll Be in My Heart: What Character death made you cry the most? I think we’re probably all still upset about Dumbledore.

Tag, you’re it!