the weekly geekly: 4.10.15


I really need to fold my laundry (I feel like I say this every time I write these posts) but first, a few distractions to get you through the weekend. Whatever fix you need, I’ve got it:

For when you need something to read: 11 sequels you probably didn’t know existed. -via Mental Floss

For your GeekKids who want to be scientists someday: I just read a review at GeekMom for this durable and affordable microscope for kids by SmartLab Toys.

For everyone who dream casts the actors who should play in the movie version of their fave book: EpicReads is doing a Dream Cast contest for Kiera Cass’s The Heir – they have names, descriptions, and fun facts about ALL 35 suitors from Eadlyn’s Selection! You get to cut and paste photos of the celebs you think should play each guy  – and you can get all March Madness on the list and make your bracket of who you think will win Eadlyn’s heart!

For when you want peanut butter and jelly for breakfast (but supposedly you’re on a diet): Katy Perry’s favorite smoothie was featured on POPSUGAR fitness.

For when you can’t remember your password: Or when your husband says, no you can’t use the same password for all your logins anymore. Or that one website wants you to change your password again and you only have so much space in your brain and can’t fit anymore – or it wants one number, one capital letter, one symbol and one kidney: I’m a devout user of Lastpass and I highly highly recommend it. They have a smart phone app and plugins for your browser, a password generator and a highly guarded vault. You can also take not quite password notes for things you need to remember but need the info somewhere safe and private.

For when you want to nurture your kids’ stellar vocabularies: How to raise Word Geeks at GeekMom

Have a great weekend guys!