I’m self tagging myself in this fun little number game that I saw over at Brittany’s blog: The Lady Lawyer. You know I can’t resist an opportunity to talk about myself. I was totally that teenager pouring over all the quizzes in Teen Magazine so basically not much has changed.

4 Names People Call ME

  • Jen
  • Mom
  • MOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mrs. [insert my last name here]

4 Jobs I’ve Had

  • When I was in high school I worked at DEB Shops, selling teenagers and their mothers affordable cute clothing, ridiculously cute shoes and occasionally scooters and funny pens.
  • In college I worked at Circuit City in the merchandising department which basically meant that I stocked shelves and fixed price tags and helped out people looking at the little things that nobody gets commission for like cordless phones, computer memory, video games, computer keyboards and stuff.
  • I was still in college when I started working at a local bookstore during my summer and Christmas vacations. This book store is where I met my husband and serves as the backdrop of our love story. It’s also the bookstore my grandmother used to take me to when I was visiting – we’d get lunch there and split a dessert and she’d always let me get a book.
  • When I was pregnant with MM I worked a few temp jobs – one of them was a corrugated card board company that makes – yup, the middle wiggly cardboard sheets between the flat cardboard sheets – aka corrugated cardboard. My job consisted of mostly sitting in front of a computer and typing in numbers into the company’s software to record stuff – like I literally never got to type anything except the numbers 0-9. Sometimes I got to go out into the warehouse to verify a number and dodge fork lifts.

4 Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

  • My bestie in high school and I used to watch 10 Things I Hate About You basically every day and it bordered on pathetic but man I still love that movie.
  • In college I seemed to watch Biodome at least that often and my husband would mention that this is even more ridiculous, especially the fact that I could basically quote the entire movie verbatim.
  • I’ve probably seen Clueless half a dozen times – it’s one of the movies that is always good for another reviewing, especially if it’s been awhile. Love Paul Rudd in the Early Years.
  • This is a more recent one but I’ve watched The Decoy Bride on netflix multiple times since first watching it. It’s both hysterical and heartwarming and quirky and also David Tennant and the girl who voiced Merida fall in love so basically it’s my favorite movie ever.

4 Books I Would Recommend

  • You absolutely must stop everything and read Cinder by Marissa Meyer but I’ll warn you that once you do, you are going to read all the other books immediately because the series is unputdownable. I waited way too long to follow Jean’s advice and read this one but I’m making up for it by pressuring everyone I know to read it.
  • Okay, now you need to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I’ll wait.
  • Wow, you are a fast reader! Okay, have you read Lamb by Christopher Moore? This is basically Moore’s best and most iconic novel and it’s possible that most of my knowledge of the bible might have come from this book. Sorrynotsorry.
  • Listing just four beloved books is kind of torturous but off the top of my head, now I want you to read The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz because I adore her characters, her wit and her use of footnotes.

4 Places I’ve Lived

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Kentucky
  • Wisconsin

Four Places I Have Been

  • A gelato stand in Wurzburg, Germany which has excellent coconut gelato.
  • Behind the White House in Washington D.C.
  • A really sketchy coin op laundromat near Hershey Park, Pennsylvania
  • The Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains

Four Places I Would Rather Be Now

  • On a European River Cruise exploring a beautiful country I’ve never seen before.
  • Curled up with a pile of good books on a beach in Hawaii.
  • On a tour of the Louvre in France and we’re going out for dessert at a chic cafe afterwards.
  • Seeing the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios in Florida (and taking the kids to Disney).

Four of my Favorite Foods

  • An amazing, creamy cheesecake with cherries
  • The biscuits at KFC
  • Deviled Eggs. Just cause.
  • Homemade peanut butter cookies with the criss cross fork design on top (mandatory)

Four TV Shows I Watch

  • The Big Bang Theory because I’m a nerd married to a nerd.
  • Brooklyn 99 because we are also SNL obsessed.
  • The Middle because the Heck family makes us feel better about ourselves.
  • Sherlock or Doctor Who when they bother airing new seasons.

Four Things I’m Looking Forward to This Year (2015)

  • Inside Out coming to theaters this summer.
  • Summer vacation! Camping with the family, Hershey Park, visiting fam in MA, all the things
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer coming out this fall. November 10, 2015 feels way too far away.
  • A new season of Doctor Who. When? When? WHEEEEENNNNNNNNNN?

Four Things I’m Always Saying

  • Flush the toilet!!! Wash your hands!!! Turn off the light!!!
  • These glasses come with a 90 day warranty that covers anything from damage to  simply changing your mind about the purchase. We do offer a one year warranty for just 30 dollars that gives you 15 months protection on any damage that could happen to the frame or the lenses.
  • It’s bed time! Stop talking! Turn off the lights! Go to sleep!
  • Put on your pope hat, straighten your vestments!

Four People I’m Passing this On To

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  1. Betsy Avatar

    Looks like a great tag! Might just have to do it myself.


  2. Brittany Avatar

    I should have put Clueless on my list–I’ve seen it sooo many times! So fun learning more about you!