What I want for Mother’s Day.


Being a mother is a blessing. This I know. And I’m truly living the good life – we are healthy and have enough money to not worry too much but little enough that we have reason to strive and be conscious of our choices. We have a roof over our heads and though I might struggle to decide what to make for dinner, there is never a question of whether I can feed my children. They go to a good school, we have good friends, we are happy. What more could a mother want?

That’s the humble brag portion of  this post. There’s also the real stuff. My home is cluttered and sticky and shows real signs of a busy life. My husband and I are both working which means we are both tired and grumpy when we get home but we have to be grownups anyway. My children go to an awesome school but this means they have real, challenging homework and are often grumpy about it or we have to put on our Parent Voices and lecture about forgetfulness or commitment. We are not billionaires so sometimes we have to make tough adult choices like not buying that gadget we want because we need to replace the siding on our house or save for retirement, whatev. I can’t have any book I want apparently and every morning I have to wake up hours before my body wants to. This is life. It’s not a disaster, but it isn’t perfect and there is always room for improvement, small indulgences and wants.

Next Sunday the world will be celebrating moms and all we do. We’ll wax poetic about how children make our hearts grow three times their normal size and we’ll say that we don’t really want anything except a big hug. But we’re human so of course we want something. Here are some things I’d like for Mother’s Day (or any day, really):

  1. No breakfast in bed, please. I love the idea of not cooking a meal and I’m all for kids getting experience in the kitchen but nobody wants to clean milk and cereal or scrambled eggs off their bedsheets or watch their children wiggle up the stairs carrying a cup of coffee. Wake me up with a home cooked breakfast in the dining room (and then clean the kitchen afterwards) and I’ll be way happier.
  2. I’d love to not have to lecture you to be nice to your sibling or demand you clean your room or clear your dishes or finish your homework or whatever. This one might be asking too much but I’d love a day of zero nagging.
  3. IMG_20120511_131520I’ll admit, I love handmade gifts. Draw me cards or lavish me with tiny things you made for me at school or pictures you drew for me. I love it all – and I’ll admit that these are the gifts I’ll cherish most in the long run.
  4. Store bought gifts are great, too. I can’t help it – I love stuff and I’m pretty easy to please i.m.h.o. Let me loose in a book store. Or cater to my sweet tooth? Or buy me something pretty.
  5. Don’t ask me what’s for breakfast / lunch / dinner at all for 24 hours. That’s, literally, the dream right there.

Plus, you know, hugs and kisses and declarations of love. That stuff is good, too.

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  1. Betsy Avatar

    I love home made too!


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