9 years.

You guys! It’s my anniversary today!

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No, I wasn’t kidding.

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that I was taking dh for a terribly romantic walk around my dad’s yard? I swear that five minutes ago I was showing him all the impressive sights to be seen in my New England back yard. “This is a tree.” “This is a duck statue.” “This is another tree.” “That’s my dad – he’s super scary.” “This is my camera, we’re taking a selfie now!”

I’m super good at dates.

This picture seems like it’s both a million years old and like it just happened yesterday. Time flies when you are having fun. One minute we were these tiny little children, falling in love. So much has happened in the handful of minutes between then and now.


He asked me to travel time and space with him. Or move to Wisconsin. One of those things. I also found Doctor Who with him – I was without Time Lords before him, so really I have Dan to thank for everything.

Our love story is one for the ages (and contains broken image links that I’m too lazy to deal with). It contains lots of surprises and twists and good books and British TV shows and 30 minute comedies on NBC. If our love story were made into a movie or cheesy sitcom, we’d totally be played by Amy Poehler and Adam Scott.


And not just because of our love for calzones and waffles.

literallyI’ve waxed poetic on dear hubby a billion times here over the years. It’s hard not to brag when you are married to the best husband on earth. He cooks, he cleans, he sews, he knits, he fixes my refrigerator when it’s broken (again), he is mostly nice to me when I insist that common phrases are the intellectual property of tweenagers on the Disney channel. He’s the whole package.

Plus we make super cute children together.

Don't forget to smize honey!
See how he’s still such a sweet willing victim to forced selfies?

Dear hubby,

In honor of our 9th anniversary of marriage. Let’s make a toast to being rock stars at marriage. (I’m having iced coffee and pretending I’m eating my breakfast – what beverage are you drinking while you read this?)  And while my bagel slowly gets stale as I type this, let’s reminisce over some favorite songs of ours over the years. That’s totally fun for everybody and not a boring inside joke, right?

Speaking of things that seem a million years old now.

Happy anniversary sweetie! Here’s to 9×300 more!

3 responses to “9 years.”

  1. Tondra Denise Avatar

    Happy Anniversary!! Yes, those 9 years certainly do go by in a flash… so (raising my coffee mug to you both) here’s to many more flashes!


  2. Hubby Avatar

    I’m drinking a cappuccino from the coffee cart, and loving my wife’s perfect song choices.

    I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else.