Game Night: Apples to Apples Kids Edition

It was actually a game afternoon. Our plans for the day had been foiled by a car that opted not to play along with my intentions of going grocery shopping, so I had the brilliant idea to play some favorite games (we also played Connect Four and The Princess Cupcake Game) with the kids to distract us all (mainly me) from the car troubles and cancelled plans. Basically, mother of the year right here and not in the sarcastic sense.

I’ve been a fan of Apples to Apples for years so having the kids edition and children who are old enough to read is kind of fantastic because it means that Candy Land can finally have its (permanent) rest and game night (day) can be fun again. My favorite part is always the end, when I announce to them that all the green cards they’ve won are actually descriptions of themselves – they found this hilarious.

This isn’t a sponsored post btw. I’m pretty sure Mattel has no idea who I am.

2 responses to “Game Night: Apples to Apples Kids Edition”

  1. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    I can’t wait for my son to be able to read well enough to play more adult games. I love Apples to Apples, and I also find it amusing that the green cards often describe your personality. Why is that?! It’s so fun.

    Our favorite adult games turned family games right now are Castle Panic and Tsuro of the Seas. Have you tried those?


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I haven’t tried either but I’ll look into them! Thanks!