New features on Picmonkey worth squealing about.


Picmonkey has been rolling out a lot of new features lately, which is exciting because it means I get to continually up my photo editing game and also waste time on the internet! I’m already seriously digging the new mirror effect which is available for Royal members.

Royal Membership means an annual paid membership for about $30 that unlocks a slew of features. There is still plenty to do there for free, but for $30 a year I get to do all the things and support a photo editing site that I puffy hearts adore. I can get behind this.


Combine the mirror effect with one of their new gorgeous black and white effects (I’m loving the Super Black and White with amped up brightness and contrast) and my daughter can be all #moodytwinsies which is obviously a must.

They also finally added the rotate crop which is going to make basically everything better since I can’t hold a camera straight to save my life some days. Or maybe my world is just really slanted. One of those.

If you are a photo editing junkie or new to Picmonkey and want to know all the things, I recommend following their blog where they frequently give all the dirt on new features as well as giving awesome tutorials for upping your photo game.

By the way, Picmonkey has no idea who I am and did not reimburse me in any way for this post. I just wanted to fangirl a bit over their new features and show you some pictures I edited.

One response to “New features on Picmonkey worth squealing about.”

  1. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    I love that first image. So cool! I have only used Pic Monkey for collages.