lollygagging and such.




Has life been just entirely too much grown upping for you lately? I think I hit my limit for maladies and responsibilities and calendar entries and lists and did you remember to and don’t forget we still need to… about two weeks ago but instead of calming down, life seems to think it can just keep on piling up and moving on and we have no choice but to keep paddling because the other option is drowning and that sounds boring.

But I thought I’d better take ten minutes to google synonyms for being lazy and then share some of the funny things I’ve been enjoying in the moments in between antibiotics and vet appointments and karate lessons and dirty dishes and what do you mean your homework isn’t done yet? On the off chance that you need the distraction as badly as I do.

Funny Pictures to LOL about:





TV Shows to Binge when you are forced into solitary confinement (or a pet or human in your life is ill): 

Season Two of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ; The Office (hello, my name is late to the party) ; Gilmore Girls (I’m up to season 7 now in my rewatch binge before the reboot / reunion)

Videos worth unmuting your phone for:

Articles to read when life gives you 5 minutes:

Every time Kate Middleton played sports in heels. William needs to get her some flats for mother’s day.

How To Be a Perfect Mom In 5 Easy Steps. Satire obvy.

I’m breaking up with internet recipes. Or at least the stupid ones that just make us feel like life needs to be Pinterest worthy 24/7.

Have you power puffed yourself (phrasing)? Check out Power Puff Jen, she’s killing it:


Android Apps killing my battery:

Hungry Cat Picross basically owns my soul right now. It’s my favorite of all the pictograph games out there. Kind of like Sudoku but with pictures and colors instead of math.

Blossom Blast Saga is another favorite. It’s by the same people that make Candy Crush, so…

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is like Tamogatchi pets for your phone- the kitties here are way less maintenance than real pets.

Bonza Word Puzzles are so soothing and great for the English major / word lovers out there. It mixes word searches, jigsaw puzzles and trivia – a new take on crossword puzzles.

Hope that helps you in your times of lollygagging need!

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  1. Betsy Avatar

    Freaking love it! I am sharing to my FB so I can read some of these later when I’m not at work