Insta Lately: June 9th

We’re in the thick of summer vacation here which means life has been crazy and blogging time has been scarce. I thought I’d lean on my Instagram account to help me catch you guys up to date a little.

dim  sum anyone?
My dad came to visit us last week which meant Dan and I were able to squeeze in a couple of much needed date nights. Dim sum at a local restaurant was probably our favorite part.


eggs stir.... eggs stir...
I spent most of the month of May preparing for my friend’s baby shower – the little details kind of took over my life for awhile. But the shower itself was so lovely and we had so much fun. One of my favorite parts was decorating disposable diapers for her to giggle at at 2am diaper changes. We were lucky to have some amazing artists in the midst that day!


My latest read
I just finished reading Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld, a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. I’m a sucker for a P&P adaptation and somewhat easy to please but I really enjoyed it. The author did take a few liberties with the plot that I wouldn’t be surprised if Austen purists were not pleased with.


sunny summer days = playground!
I took the kids to a new to us park this week and they had a blast exploring all the play structures. These were two favorites.


all she'll want for Christmas is her two front teeth back
We’ve been having major battles over those two front teeth that seemed to hang precariously in her mouth for freaking EVER but as of today both teeth have vacated the premise and we’re all thrilled and relieved. Until the next loose tooth! 😉


What have YOU been up to?