More milestones to sob over: Seven years in seven minutes. Give or take.

Yesterday I showed you six years of school pictures with my first born. Today I thought we could collectively cry into our hankies over my seven year old who is probably going to start college tomorrow or something.

For those of you who weren’t here from the beginning, you should know that seven years ago BB looked like this…


And then we blinked and she showed up looking like this:


There was some stuff in the middle.

The adorable eating Eeyore phase.
Her first ballet lesson
Her first day of preschool
her 4K class picture
Her first awkward school picture from preschool. 
2014-10-02 08.15.06
When she first realized she was destined to be a heart breaker.
That time she turned out to be an amazing actress.
2015 school picture
First Grade
Second Grade – apparently this is her “school picture” dress

And now we’re back where we started. Staring at all those cheekbones, trying to come to terms with the speed of life. Wondering if that dress will still fit her next year.

One response to “More milestones to sob over: Seven years in seven minutes. Give or take.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    It is really incredible how quickly they grow!