Very Important Questions.


Which school holiday concert kid is yours?

Have you made a loungewear capsule yet?

The Lifeprinter makes me wonder if the future is now already?

Who wants to watch the Big Little Lies HBO show with me?

Wanna bring take & bake cookies up a notch?

Ready to become a next level gift wrapping genius?

Going through Lunar Chronicles withdrawals?

Christmas drinking game anyone?


2 thoughts on “Very Important Questions.

  1. I’ll watch Pretty Little Lies with you! (I haven’t read that one, but am currently reading Truly, Madly, Guilty by the same author). And, um, I kinda live in the loungewear capsule everyday—is that wrong? lol

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    1. I started reading Big Little Lies but I’ve got a million books I’m “reading” right now so who knows if I’ll finish before the show starts. And I think we could all use more loungewear in our lives.


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