What Worked For Me In 2016.


I’m hopping on another of Anne’s bandwagons and blogging about what worked for me in 2016. It’s been a hell of a year but we’d be remiss to not remember what we  got right this year. Things like…

  1. Vacationing without children. It was our first time taking a vacation just the two of us this year and I have to say it was awesome. I was nervous about the kids but they  were in excellent hands with the grandparents and aunts and uncles brigade back in Massachusetts. I hope we don’t wait another ten years before doing it again.
  2. Lactose free milk. After trying just about every dairy substitute out there, I bought a bottle of Lactaid milk this year and was surprised (for some reason) to find it was my favorite of the bunch. It’s the closest milk for my coffee substitute IMO and easy to buy. Soy milk continues to be a solid plan B for when I’m coffee shop bound. Bonus: They also make a Lactaid Egg Nog that is the best faux nog I’ve tried.
  3. My new favorite coffee mugs. I have been slowly trying to simplify my kitchen life and one thing I did this year was buy three more of “my favorite mug” – from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart. The joy of being able to drink from my favorite mug basically every day, whether I’ve done the dishes yet or not? Priceless. It’s the buy shirts you love in every color mindset, brought to my kitchen.
  4. Volunteering in the kids’ school more. Call me crazy, but I actually look forward to things like serving lunch at the kids’ school. Last year I signed up for a couple of shifts in the name of being helpful and was shocked that I loved it. I get a chance to chat with other parents volunteering and put more faces to kids’ names. It’s been a really awesome way of getting to know the other parents in a way that just doesn’t happen in the school pick up area. I decided last year that I was going to really go all in with volunteering and I have to say it was a good decision and I’m grateful that my schedule allows it.
  5. Velvet hangers. I can’t believe how much of a difference these made in my closet but I love them. They take up less space and the velvety texture keeps shirts from slipping down – like really. No notches needed. I’ve been slowly trying to get my wardrobe to a place where I actually love all of my clothes – it’s a two steps forward, one step back process but worth it – so it makes sense to give my favorite clothes the pampered life treatment.

What worked well for you this year?

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