Mothers Day: 5 Gift Ideas

I don’t know your mother (probably) but I’m guessing she’s the coolest person ever. If you are still trying to come up with the perfect gift idea to spoil her rotten this Mothers Day, here are some ideas to help you get started.

For your mother, who basically owns the kitchen.

61hmsSMgN1L._SL1500_I fell in love with this Stump Tea Pot with Infuser at my local coffee shop where you are given your own little 18 ounce tea pot when you order a cup of tea.

I love this pretty teal blue color – it would look so cheerful in your mother’s kitchen, don’t you think? Pair it with a box of her favorite loose leaf tea and a tea time date with her favorite child – you!

91gfW21yYfL._SL1500_Or maybe your mother is forever chopping herbs and you want to help her speed up dinner prep even when you aren’t there to lend a hand. I’ve been eyeing these herb scissors which can double as craft scissors or mail shredding scissors. Whatever you need to finely chop.

For your mother, who deserves a little bling.

il_570xN.1172098240_iy5rThis family tree necklace by LaLaCrystal would be great for moms or grandmothers. You can add up to 8 initials on a necklace so nobody gets left out. And if your family runs even larger (or a new baby joins the crew) she even sells individual charms to add to a tree.

ac750da7-548c-4ee3-a267-b50506ea1e8d--2017-0213_menu_modern-jewelry-stand_black_mid_mark-weinberg_308If necklaces are kind of your go to mother’s day present, she might like a jewelry tree to organize and display all her favorite pieces. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a more modern sleek design like this one from Food52.

For your mother, who desperately needs new music for her commute.

a1ft9msmp3l-_sx522_The Hamilton soundtrack might be the closest I get to seeing this insanely popular musical. If you can’t afford to take mom to see it live (or if she’s already seen it and won’t stop singing the songs to you over the phone or something) then this is a nice way to bring Lin Manuel Miranda into her morning commute. Because there is nothing cooler than your mother wrapping about American history. Nothing.

51gYvSDtu2L._SS500Or maybe she’s all about that Top 40 life. All moms love Bruno Mars, okay? Because that smile. And his album is pretty much grinning ear to ear 24/7 kind of music. If your mom lives to dance in the car, this album should do the trick. Fortunately your mother is never embarrassing and you’ll totally be dancing in your seat, too.

For your mother, who would rather be reading.


Mayim Bialik just wrote a book called Girling Up that is sure to excite her. If she doesn’t love Bialik from her role on The Big Bang Theory, she probably remembers her from Blossom. Or maybe she follows her on Instagram or uses her as an example of impressive women in science. Either way, this looks like it will be awesome.

51oGYpSk+pLIf your mom is more into the classic literature scene, she’s probably as obsessed with Anne of Green Gables as I am. If she’s already worked her way through the works of L.M. Montgomery, she might like Lorilee Craker’s book, Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me. “A charming and heartwarming true story for anyone who has ever longed for a place to belong.“Anne of Green Gables,” My Daughter, and Me is a witty romp through the classic novel; a visit to the magical shores of Prince Edward Island; and a poignant personal tale of love, faith, and loss.”

51Beu4ltz-L._SX388_BO1,204,203,200_If your mom is still raising littles and doesn’t have time to read an actual book sized book right now (I feel you) how about a book to read with the kids like How To Raise a Mom by Jean Reagan. This one is sure to bring a smile to her face.

Best enjoyed while curled up on the couch with all of the kids after a day spent not cooking or cleaning anything. Anything. And afterwards there should probably be wine.

For your mother, who is all about family game night.

61YjhY3mbyL._SL1000_Okay so KinderPerfect probably shouldn’t be pulled out for your actual family game night but it would be great to play with her mom friends after the kids go to bed. It’s basically Cards Against Humanity but parenting style. For your mother who never lost her wicked sense of humor.

71Wa1Wyv8kL._SL1001_Or for something a little different, how about Marrying Mr. Darcy because let’s be real, we all wanted to marry Darcy at some point right? Join your mom or mom friends and move through the initial courtship stage and the concluding proposal stage to see who marries Mr. Darcy (it might not be Lizzie!). Already own it? Did you know there is an Emma expansion!


Mommas, what do you want for Mother’s Day this year? Like besides the not cleaning or cooking thing?

3 responses to “Mothers Day: 5 Gift Ideas”

  1. adventures Avatar

    You have some good suggestions. I just want to see my kids 🙂 When they grow up, they move out and get busy living their own lives.


  2. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar

    Checking out those books and games now. 🙂