Slip Covers: Do you LOVE or HATE them?


I kind of hate slip covers. Like, I understand the practical aspect of protecting the books to ensure long book lives. And I know that most books only have the fancy picture covers on the slipcover. BUT.

Once I am reading the book, I do not care what the cover looks like – I’m immersed in the inside of the book and don’t want to think about the outside at all. And most slip covers do the slip and slide game while I am reading, forcing me to think about them until I rip them off in frustration. Then they live on my bedroom floor until I’ve finished the book and remember to reunite them afterwards.

So last week I decide to experiment with freeing all of my hardcovers from their slip covered embrace. I spent like fifteen minutes taking off all the slip covers and then reorganizing my books by color of course because when you are being OCD, you go all the way with it. I’m still tentative about actually getting rid of them so the covers are all tucked into an empty corner where I’ll pretend they aren’t feeling abandoned and lonely.

Things of note:

  • Some of my books actually look better without the slip cover. I loooooove when you discover a beautiful book with interesting details on the actual book underneath. Ree Drummond’s book is genuinely beautiful with or without the slip cover.
  • Some of the other books are kind of boring without their covers. Amy Schumer’s book is absolutely lacking in all pizzazz without that awesome cover art and it does make me a little sad.
  • Aesthetically I am loving the lack of slip covers. The books like more bookish and the colors all meld together so nicely without all the varying patterns vying for attention.
  • In a weird way, I have an easier time finding a book to read – I’m looking at the actual titles and not getting as distracted.
  • But so many of the books are black or grey! The chunk I photographed are the only hardcovers I have that aren’t a very dark or neutral hue. It’s my bright spot after a long row of muted hues. Sometimes the colors feel indicative of the book but some seem like the publisher just didn’t want to pay for a colored spine that was destined to be covered.

Are you PRO or CON when it comes to slip covers?

3 responses to “Slip Covers: Do you LOVE or HATE them?”

  1. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar

    I also hate slip covers. I take them off of our picture books immediately, and I store them in a box in Christopher’s closet, so I can reunite them when I get rid of the books he’s outgrown. On my own books, I leave them on on the shelves, but I always take them off right away when I start reading a book. I love hardcovers from the library because they cover the slip covers in plastic and tape them, so they no longer slip. I have thought seriously about doing that to my own books. Haha.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      It’s not a terrible idea, really!


  2. Birdie Avatar

    I love my dust jackets. I protect them to the point of obsession, when they’re supposed to protect the book! However, I do love when I take off one of the dust jackets and discover that there’s a beautiful book underneath.