#TopNine2017 My Favorite Pictures This Year

The whole #topnine craze is making its way around Instagram again this year and being the good little social media user that I am, of course, I went straight over to 2017topnine.com to see my results:


Of course I love all of these pictures but I’m not convinced that they really capture what 2017 was all about for me. They certainly wouldn’t be the pictures that I would choose. What pictures would I choose, you ask? Why thank you for asking – it just so happens I made a little 3×3 grid collage of my own!

These are my 9 favorite pictures from the year:


Of course, even this collage meant making some sad cuts. There were plenty of memories that were equally important and maybe even equally photogenic. And yeah, that’s true, no pictures of me made the cut even though I took a surprising amount of selfies this year. But these are the nine pictures that still pull at my heart strings when I look at them as well as my artistic eye.

2017, you certainly have given us some great moments and some insta glory. Here’s to more likes, shares and good memories in 2018!

One response to “#TopNine2017 My Favorite Pictures This Year”

  1. iwriteinbooks Avatar

    Gorgeous! I love being able to look at my year in review and it’s so fun to see how others pick their picures. :O)