6 Links For The Weekend

Anybody else just absolutely ready for the weekend? This week has been a test of patience for me – and also a test of my ability to determine how injured people are, how slippery that sidewalk is and how many minutes it takes to scrape frost off my car windows. Basically it’s January. Before we slip into the weekend, here are 6 things I saw online this week that were more fun than all of that other stuff:

This made me miss working in a bookstore.

This gnocchi recipe was both easy and delicious.

McSweeney explains the meaning behind what your mug says.

This SNL skit is exactly how I feel trying to talk about sports:

3 Replies to “6 Links For The Weekend”

  1. LOL!! I love that first cartoon! It’s ALWAYS like that! It’s just as bad with pets too! At least with my daughter I can secretly get to my phone to snap a picture. With dogs (or birds) the moment you move they’re up and staring at you.


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