The Last Thing On Your Phone. [a tag]

I saw this YouTube tag over at Mama Kat’s Losin’ It and thought it looked like fun but I don’t really enjoy making YouTube videos (I’m better on paper, err… blog post?) so I thought I’d just type out my responses / share photos. If you want to see what the tag is like in video form, check out this video with Amy Schumer, Aidy Bryant and Emily Ratajkowski where they share what’s on their phones.

So here are my answers to the same questions…

Last Thing On Your Phone Tag Questions:

1. What was the last photo you took?


I took a picture of these glasses at Target because I was like, “Do I like these glasses? I’m not sure. I’d better photograph them and keep thinking about it.” And I’m currently leaning somewhere between “they are very pretty” and “but not very high quality, they won’t look so cute after a couple of years in my dishwasher” and also “I have too many drinking glasses.”

2. What was the last text message you received?

My husband texted me last night to let me know he’d be home in ~30 minutes. He actually typed “ETA ~30 minutes” because I married an engineer type. This was in reference to our dinner plans to hit up Pizza Ranch spontaneously for Kids Eat Free night.

3. What was the last note you took?

I don’t use a note app but the last “to do” type thing I wrote for myself was in my grocery app which doubles as a “remember to do this” app. I added “hair cut” and “oil change” because both things need to happen this month.

4. What was the last thing you googled?

“ariana grande pete davidson” because I’m apparently the last person to hear about their whirlwind romance / engagement. The google happened because I was like “That Pete Davidson? Really?” I fell into a news story binging rabbit hole this morning reading all about it and I’ve decided they are adorable and I support it. I know they were hoping for my personal support and they’ll be thrilled to know I’m here for it.

5. What’s your most used emoji?

My phone only appears to tell me my most recent which is the taco emoji, followed by the grinning yellow head dude, followed by winky face blowing a kiss that’s a heart. I know I use the 2nd two all the time so possibly accurate news here.


6. What’s your home screen photo?


I saw this necklace at a bead store a couple of weeks ago and was inspired to try making my own so I took a photo for reference and picked out some supplies. I set the photo as my home screen to try and remind myself to work on it. It hasn’t worked yet but it sure is pretty to look at.

7. What was your last food delivery?

According to Grub Hub, it was Chinese food but I’m sure we’ve ordered something since then, just not on an app. I only use GrubHub when I need something other than our  usual suspects for food delivery (the local pizza place or the other Chinese place).

8. Where did you go the last time you used a car service?

I don’t think I’m rich and fancy enough for this question.

9. How many alarms do you have set?

I currently have 8 alarms turned on, five of which go off every day.

10. What was the last video you took?


A short video from my daughter’s end of year field trip, where the kids learned how to train like the oxen at Old World Wisconsin.

So what was the last thing you did on your phone?


One response to “The Last Thing On Your Phone. [a tag]”

  1. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar

    So fun! The last thing I did was listen to Audible. I just started Beartown today.