Who are your favorite authors?

Who are your favorite authors? The ones whose books you find yourself recommending over and over? The ones you would pre-order a new release from immediately (like in a universe where money isn’t a consideration) and maybe count down the days until said release.

As part of her 2018 reading challenge , Anne Bogel is talking about favorite authors this month. Of course being a bookworm, I had a hard time trying to decide on my favorite authors – it’s like trying to hit a moving target and I’m not very coordinated. The pictures above are titles by some of my favorites but I’m sure I’ll be thinking of obvious authors I’ve forgotten as soon as I publish this. But this is a pretty good assortment.

The Classics That I Must Mention Or a Fairy Loses Her Wings:

Jane Austen | It all comes back to Darcy, guys. No one writes a love story quite like Jane Austen. They are timeless and classic for a reason. I love pretty much every Austen book I’ve read and all the adaptations (film, book, youtube series, etc.) I’ve come across.

L.M. Montgomery | I was late to the party but I love me some Anne of Green Gables. I plowed through these in quick succession and reference them often. I am having a lot of fun revisiting Avonlea in the new Netflix series and getting to know Anne again as a mother of a precocious young girl.

J.K. Rowling | The Harry Potter series is a family favorite in our house – much consideration has been given to which Hogwarts house we’d all be in (I’m a Hufflepuff, how about you?). These books are the backdrop to my marriage, motherhood and my love of reading.

The Writers Of Some of My Favorite Series Of Books:

Lisa Lutz | I’m kind of a rabid fan of The Spellman Files series. There will never be enough books in the series to appease me. It’s a very tragic state of affairs. If you need a new scrappy detective story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, I highly recommend it.

Jasper Fforde | If you’ve ever wanted to dive inside of a story and live there forever… The Eyre Affair and all the Thursday Next titles that follow it is your kind of series. These books will take you on the adventure you never knew you needed and they will make your head spin on the regular. I’m reading the first book in his YA series, The Last Dragonslayer, and it definitely has his trademark brand of world building and detail piling – along with a plucky heroine that isn’t trying to be a heroine at all.

Marissa Meyer | Okay, guys, I admit it. I can’t go twelve minutes without trying to push Cinder on someone. The Lunar Chronicles is probably my newest FAVE SERIES that I’m OMGing all over the place about. Do I need to tell you guys that it’s a cyborg Cinderella dystopian fantasy story that is the first in a series that will take over your life for a minute – or do you already know because I told you last time?

The Authors Who Write My Favorite Love Stories

Rainbow Rowell | I’m pretty sure Rainbow Rowell is my best friend and she just doesn’t know it yet. I’m a huge fan of basically everything she’s written (but especially Fangirl) and sometimes I get a little angsty that she hasn’t written anything new quickly enough. Rainbow, pal, we’re dying over here.

John Green | I think that maybe John Green is related to Midas, because everything he touches turns to gold. Even YouTube. You know him because he wrote The Fault in Our Stars and made us all cry into our hankies morosely. My twelve year old knows him because youtube, obviously. He has written a ton – some of it is better than others – but I’ll still buy probably anything he writes forever.

Jenny Colgan | She’s the queen of the bookish wanderlust love story. Seriously, all of her books make me want to move to some small Scottish village, eat a million cupcakes, start my own company and wait for my meet cute. What’s that? I’m happily married and live in the Midwest? Okay fine – I’ll just keep my perfect husband and enjoy her books instead. Happy? (Pro Tip: Start with The Bookshop on the Corner – it’s my favorite)

Who are your favorite authors?

Prepare for me to start thinking of another dozen authors I should have included in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

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    Nordic noir is my favourite atm