5 things for Friday.

It’s Friday and that means that my brain is slowly falling into weekend mode. It’s been a busy week of Septembering and I think I’ve earned some downtime this week – how about you?

Before I fully slip into Weekend Jen Mode, here are 5 things I kept meaning to share with you:

  • The new season of Doctor Who is fast approaching. Anybody else unreasonably excited?
  • I basically want all of these things. #bookwormlife
  • 5 one pot pasta recipes for busy nights
  • The Real Bob Ross – I’m a Joy of Painting fangirl right now and proud of it.
  • This letter about paper towels that my daughter wrote for me at school:
What paper towel brand do you buy?

2 responses to “5 things for Friday.”

  1. John Holton Avatar

    I’ve always been a fan of the original Doctor Who, at least through Tom Baker. After that, forget it.

    You can’t argue with science. Buy Viva paper towels.


  2. Alexandra Avatar

    I so want to be excited about Dr. Who because, well, after starting with the first one (yes, I am that old) they finally went female … but that get-up? Are they for real? *sigh*

    Meanwhile, have a great weekend!