Keeping busy, staying sane, staying home.

It’s week 3576 of quarantine or something like that and by now the kids are keeping busy with their school’s distance learning and my hubby is busy working from home in the office and everything is closed and all my plans are cancelled. So apart from cleaning stuff and cooking dinner, I have very little to actually do for the majority of the day. Is this a weird thing to complain about? Probably. But it’s my reality so here we are.

In between helping the kids with minor technology problems, pestering my husband and doing the dishes 37 times a day, here are some other things I’ve been doing to stay busy.

Playing quarantine Bingo with friends on Facebook
Here’s a blank copy for anyone who wants to play along.

Watching Late Night on Amazon Prime and Parks and Rec, Making the Cut, Community, Schitts Creek and everything else on television.

Making homemade donuts using canned biscuits!
Choosing alternative quarantine housemates like this selection of authors.
Making baked cheese crisps by seasoning squares of cheese and baking them.

Reading our April book club pick, The Lying Game by Ruth Ware. I’m also reading Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center and just finished The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris.

Celebrating my son’s 14th birthday
Playing a lot of Animal Crossing

How have you been keeping busy in quarantine?