July 2020 in review.

Can you guys believe this month is almost over? 2020 continues to be a strange beast. Time is moving fast and slow. Months and weeks kind of blur together when our days are so similar. I’m not complaining, really.

As much as I look forward to the future when words like pandemic, quarantine, and “new normal” are not part of our daily routine – I’ve kind of enjoyed the easy pace of this summer. Being forced to slow down has its upsides and having everyone home is kind of nice.

The last month has involved a lot of grilling outdoors, roasting marshmallows, reading good books, blowing bubbles, playing in the sprinkler, and more.

My eleven year old and I watched the new Babysitter’s Club series on Netflix and loved it. We have been reading old super specials together at bedtime and of course my daughter loves the graphic novels. I think they did a good job modernizing the series but it still feels true to the original. It has that BSC magic that reminds me of my own childhood.

Speaking of my eleven year old, she celebrated said eleventh birthday this month. We’re continuing our new tradition of getting a swanky cake from my new favorite bakery for birthdays. Smaller celebrations mean I get to go all out for the cake and hopefully help support this small business that I love.

My teenager rearranged his room to make room for a desk – this is going to help a lot this fall because we’re all going to be home but doing slightly different things. My husband will be working from home in the office at least initially. My son’s high school is doing virtual learning until at least November. And…

My eleven year old is going to be homeschooled by yours truly for at least a year. That is not a sentence I pictured myself saying in the past but it became the obvious answer for several reasons. She and I are cautiously excited for this big change. I’m glad that I can do this for her and give her a consistent and stable school year while the country finds their footing.

Meanwhile my teenager is equally excited to start highschool and I’m grateful that the school is offering virtual learning to start.

So I’ve been spending a lot of the month researching curriculums and homeschooling laws, organizing the house to get both kids ready for the fall, and freaking out every few days about this new, big change in our lives. Because freaking out about things is like my part-time job.

That pretty much sums up our month. I’ll post again soon with the books I’ve been reading this month because it really warrants its own post.

What have you been up to this month?

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4 responses to “July 2020 in review.”

  1. Kim @ Storms and Stardust Avatar

    I was just saying that fortunately the pandemic didn’t affect me too. badly, as I never really got out much other than for work (even though I HAD planned on going to several highly-anticipated concerts this spring, summer, and fall). My new normal is a mask, and I really don’t hate it.

    I think it’s a good call doing virtual and homeschool, at least until we have a better plan in place to protect everyone’s health.



  2. Patty Avatar

    Dealing with this virus situation would be easier…if I had that beautiful cake in front of me….every single day!


  3. Kat Avatar

    Happy birthday 11 year old! That really is a beautiful cake. 🙂 I did a year of homeschooling with Maile when she was in sixth grade. I actually didn’t do the teaching, she went to an online school and it was so wonderful for her! They really had a great system down so it was different than what our experience was this past spring. It sounds like you’re up for the challenge!


  4. madamdreamweaver Avatar

    what a lovely cake!