wordless wednesday | pictures of june

When I look back on this time someday, these are the things I hope to remember. Not how Facebook was driving me crazy or how much I hate group texts or how much I miss that sense of normalcy that we’ve always taken for granted. I want to remember the beautiful moments that we foundContinue reading “wordless wednesday | pictures of june”

Before and After. Thoughts on life before quarantine and “new normals”

People keep talking about the new normal we’re going to have to adjust to when things start to open back up. I have mixed feelings about this phrase because I have mixed feelings about what life in quarantine has been like. The things I will miss and the things I won’t miss if and whenContinue reading “Before and After. Thoughts on life before quarantine and “new normals””

Summer Reading BINGO 2020 | Free Printable

I just finished creating a summer reading challenge for 2020 because my kids have ONE WEEK LEFT of distance learning before our summer break begins! Is anyone else baffled by how fast and how slow quarantine seems to go at the same exact time? My kids are counting down the days and I’m trying toContinue reading “Summer Reading BINGO 2020 | Free Printable”

Writer’s Workshop: Homeschooling, Week One

It’s Thursday so it’s time to link up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. How has your week been? Here are the different prompts to choose from this week: 1. Attempt a craft or recipe you saw on Pinterest, how did it turn out? 2. Write about how you keep busy during a “quarantine.” Is yourContinue reading “Writer’s Workshop: Homeschooling, Week One”

Top 5 Tuesday Alphabet Challenge: Light Reads for Tough Times (PQRST)

It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Bookworm and we’re still making our way through the alphabet challenge. Today I’m sharing some favorite light reads for these tough times. I was talking to a friend about how my book club pick this month has been tough to get into because it’s even heavier than realityContinue reading “Top 5 Tuesday Alphabet Challenge: Light Reads for Tough Times (PQRST)”