8 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall.

My kids go back to school on Monday and most of the moms I know are in two different camps about this: Half are sort of wistful and telling me it all went by too fast and they want more time to make those summer memories. The other half are like “Can I drop themContinue reading “8 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall.”

File this under: Things found while cleaning the house.

Sometimes I’m cleaning up around the house and I find stuff like this lying around and I’m torn between “Geez, does anyone even clean up after themselves…” and “Wait? What? What even is this?” and sometimes “Are my children brilliant and way more funny and interesting than I am?” and then “Do you think I’mContinue reading “File this under: Things found while cleaning the house.”

Some of our favorite 2019 memories so far.

Our summer vacation is half over. The kids go back to school in mid- August, a fact which makes most people do a double take because their kids have only been on vacation for like a month. #privateschoollife We’ve had a BUSY summer and a lot of great summer memories are firmly under our belt.Continue reading “Some of our favorite 2019 memories so far.”

What I’ve Been Reading This Summer.

Summer vacation is half over and my reading life has been pretty spectacular. I’ve been leaning into my favorite easy reading genres and knocking out titles left and right. Granted, most of these were graphic novels that I knocked out in two sittings. But a summer spent reading happily is basically #lifegoals. Here are theContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading This Summer.”

6 Graphic Novels To Read With Your Tweens.

This summer I have been reading some awesome graphic novels aimed at the tweenage set and I thought I’d share some of my favorites so far. I divided this list into three categories, based on the age range that I see them being best suited for. Because “Tween” can be kind of a broad termContinue reading “6 Graphic Novels To Read With Your Tweens.”

What My Kids Are Reading This Summer

Summer vacation is in full swing here and for us that means copious amounts of reading and trips to the library. We’re taking advantage of all the things our library has to offer this summer from arts and crafts events for tweens to outdoor Quidditch games for teens, summer reading programs, adult reading programs, andContinue reading “What My Kids Are Reading This Summer”

Daybook: February 7th 2019.

Outside My Window: we’re having another super fun snow day, or rather a snow and ice storm day. This makes our 6th day of cancelled school this year. Crazy sauce. I’m not really disappointed but I’m also not in Super Fun Mom Mode either. I Am Hearing: my daughter giggling over YouTube and my sonContinue reading “Daybook: February 7th 2019.”