Our Weekend With Tacky the Penguin

Last weekend Tacky the Penguin, the Kindergarten Class Penguin,┬ácame to spend the long weekend with us; a real treat as the other kids in her class only got to spend one night with Tacky, she got four! Her teacher asked me to take pictures and if you know me, you know that was a dangerousContinue reading “Our Weekend With Tacky the Penguin”

Kindergarten Looks Like: Paper Craft Extreme

Can we talk about BB’s new craft obsession? Every day she painstakingly cuts out little shapes from bits of paper and then assembles them into pictures, coloring in all the little pieces. This is a self portrait of hers that she gave me recently and it’s just one in an ever growing collection of patchworkContinue reading “Kindergarten Looks Like: Paper Craft Extreme”