Our Weekend With Tacky the Penguin

Story time with Tacky

Last weekend Tacky the Penguin, the Kindergarten Class Penguin, came to spend the long weekend with us; a real treat as the other kids in her class only got to spend one night with Tacky, she got four!

Her teacher asked me to take pictures and if you know me, you know that was a dangerous thing to ask of me. I took at least a dozen. I sent her the best four and I’m sharing my favorite five here – a glimpse at Tacky’s very busy weekend with our family.

music lessons

BB taught Tacky all of her favorite princess songs on the keyboard my SIL got her for Christmas. You know Tacky will be humming that Beauty and the Beast song for days now – it’s just so catchy!

karate lessons

Tacky insisted on coming to see MM’s karate lessons that weekend. He was very impressed with MM’s sparring skills and cheered from the sidelines with gusto. I think he’ll be signing up for lessons soon – he’s a very well rounded Penguin.

snack time

Of course when it comes to manners, Tacky is no novice. He knew that the best house guests always bring a gift, preferably an edible one. He brought along some delicious penguin colored cookies to share with the family – one for everyone!


After a busy day of playing and learning, these two were tuckered out. BB built a “fort” for them to sleep in together and they rested up for another day of fun.

Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Tacky, you were a delight to host: you tidied up after yourself, barely made a peep and never spoke back when we asked you to do chores with the kids. Come back anytime!

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  1. Jean Avatar

    I love it! How fun and memorable and I would be just like you, you want pics? oh I will certainly give you pics. 😉