Summer Vacation Begins! (plus: a free printable weekly planner)

Today was their last day of school and honestly we couldn’t be more ready. Don’t get me wrong, we had a pretty terrific school year. The kids learned a lot and made some great memories and I hit a pretty stellar balance of being a Super Volunteer Mom without feeling like Overburdened Mom-Martyr Person. BUT.Continue reading “Summer Vacation Begins! (plus: a free printable weekly planner)”

Summer Reading 2018: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free Printable)

A couple of years ago I started making summer reading challenges for my kids because I found the programs at the library a little lacking / redundant for a family of bookworms. My kids don’t need encouragement to read in the summer so keeping track of pages and titles seemed unnecessarily tedious for us andContinue reading “Summer Reading 2018: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free Printable)”

Family Interviews for the New Year (With a Free Printable)

I’ve been doing these family interviews with the kids for several years now. When we started BB wasn’t old enough to write and honestly wasn’t old enough to answer! When she was two I gave her multiple choice options and let her pick her “favorite” that way. This year that little girl is eight yearsContinue reading “Family Interviews for the New Year (With a Free Printable)”

Easy Last Minute Advent Idea: Holiday Jokes and Puns

We have a beautiful advent calendar that was handmade for us by my sweet and talented step mom or Meme as my kids call her. It’s one of my favorite Christmas decorations but sometimes the stress to fill it with Pinterest worthy goodies / activities / treats / toys can be overwhelming. But why makeContinue reading “Easy Last Minute Advent Idea: Holiday Jokes and Puns”

PRINTABLE | A Quick & Easy Summer Reading Challenge

Our summer vacation is coming to a close – two more weeks until my kiddos go back to school. I was looking over the summer reading bingo sheets today and thinking about what’s working and what isn’t working. I love a lot of things about this set up – my kids didn’t seem to get muchContinue reading “PRINTABLE | A Quick & Easy Summer Reading Challenge”

Summer Reading B-I-N-G-O!

We have no shortage of summer reading programs here, some better than others (Barnes and Noble’s took roughly twelve minutes; a local used bookstore is strictly keeping track of minutes read which sounds like homework). We’re rolling deep in reading lists but when I saw this post at Mom’s Radius I couldn’t help myself. IContinue reading “Summer Reading B-I-N-G-O!”

2016 New Years Interviews (Free Printable)

I’m feeling slackerly late in sharing this year’s Family Interviews, which the kids filled out New Years Eve weekend and I then proceeded to take eleventy million pictures of said interviews to share them but was all meh about the quality and I really wanted to scan them but I wanted a new scanner becauseContinue reading “2016 New Years Interviews (Free Printable)”

Pack Your Lunch! (Free Printable)

My Secret #4582 to Parenting is : Make the Kids Do it. It can be applied to anything from helping with laundry, taking care of the pets, cleaning their rooms, getting their own cups of water to packing lunch for school. That’s right, I said: your kids can pack their own lunch. Maybe not the kindergartners,Continue reading “Pack Your Lunch! (Free Printable)”

DIY Weekly Dry Erase Calendar (Free Printable)

So backstory first: I’ve been using a variety of dry erase or rip-off page calendars for a few years now to keep track of our daily schedules, meal planning, etc. It might seem redundant in a world of online calendars that sync to our phones (I use and couldn’t breathe without those also) but havingContinue reading “DIY Weekly Dry Erase Calendar (Free Printable)”