Family Interviews for the New Year (With a Free Printable)

I’ve been doing these family interviews with the kids for several years now. When we started BB wasn’t old enough to write and honestly wasn’t old enough to answer! When she was two I gave her multiple choice options and let her pick her “favorite” that way.

This year that little girl is eight years old and has ideas of her own to spare. Here is her interview this year:


Things of note:

  • Her feet have grown 1 1/2 shoe sizes since last January.
  • She apparently likes measuring the perimeter of things (but can’t quite spell it yet)?
  • She has more BFFs than she can fit on a single line.
  • She loves to cuddle with momma and loves that her daddy is… tall.
  • She is loving Wonder Woman this year – which is the main reason she’d change her name to Diana if we let her. I choose to think that deep down it’s because my grandmother’s name is Diana but you know.
  • She also cannot spell the word illustrator but she thinks youtuber is a valid career path. So.
  • “Realistic Diana” means her action figure of Wonder Woman in a ball gown from the recent movie.
  • We just watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy over the course of two days so it’s now both of my kids’ favorite movie.

Now here is an interview with my favorite 11 year old, MM, who drew a picture of himself with a sonic screwdriver, Stargate and Tardis. Of course.


  • MM’s feet grew two shoe sizes or we don’t buy him shoes often enough? One of those things.
  • MM likes to measure the circumference of things.
  • MM writes entirely in cursive and it’s very hard to read. Sorry about that. Feel bad for his teachers.
  • MM agrees that I give great hugs and his dad is good at tickling. At least someone appreciates it.
  • MM also wants to be a youtuber. Is there a college degree for this? Hopefully he follows through on at least one career path that pays him regularly.


Just save the image below and print it out to interview your own kids!


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  1. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar

    Love this! I may have to do it with Christopher tonight. 🙂